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On the south side of the Zillertal Alps

Weißenbach and the Ahrntal in South Tyrol

The holiday region

The Chalet Brunegg is located just above the picturesque hamlet of Weißenbach, which belongs to the Ahrntal. You have therefore chosen a holiday destination where everything that is part of an active and enjoyable alpine holiday is possible.

Mountain hut above the Chalet Brunegg

Our hiking tip: the Schönberg Alm

Our own alpine hut – the Schönberg Alm – is located at an idyllic altitude (1,792 m) and offers a magnificent view. The mountain hut can easily be reached from your chalet via forest and alpine trails. Once you reach the top, you will be greeted by a traditional, rustic Tyrolean hut ambiance. You can also combine your stop with a mountain bike tour or visit the pasture at the end of a longer mountain hike. The fantastic mountain panorama is best enjoyed with hearty South Tyrolean delicacies.

Holiday in the Ahrntal

As the northernmost side valley in South Tyrol, the Ahrntal offers you nothing less that the essence of South Tyrol: attractions steeped in history, 84 three-thousand-metrepeaks (believe it or not) on both sides of the valley, the beauties of the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park, ski areas with guaranteed snow, and—last but not least—the much-appreciated specialty cuisine, including Schlutzkrapfen, various dumplings, blackberry pancakes, and the famous Ahrntal grey cheese.


84 impressive three-thousand-metre peaks, 850 km of varied hiking trails, and 164 idyllic alpine meadows await you in the Ahrntal holiday region. A network of well-marked hiking trails awaits you, including the beautiful Ahrntal “Sunnsat” high-altitude trails, rocky climbs to mountain huts in the Zillertal Alps, and summit routes in all levels of difficulty. The Hochgall, the Schneebiger Nock, and the Dreiherrenspitze are just a small selection of the impressive mountains worth climbing in the region. You can head off on an alpine lake hike, discover the Reinbach falls, or visit the excitingly designed Schwarzenstein hut at 3,026 metres.

Mountain biking & e-biking

With your mountain bike, head out on flat trails, beautiful single track, and panoramic trails that lead you through alpine meadows to the huts high above the Ahrntal and on adventurous paths above the tree line. Would you like to save your energy and hop on an e-bike? In the Ahrntal, there is a whole assortment of e-bike rental stations.


The Ahrntal is an El Dorado for climbing enthusiasts. Strange rock formations, attractive overhangs, and stately walls make for plenty of challenging variety. Because of the diversity of our climbing region, beginners are just as well cared for in the Ahrntal as experienced climbers and top athletes.

Nordic walking

Many walking, forest, and hiking trails in the Ahrntal are ideally suited to Nordic walking. This particular way of walking comes from the summer training of experienced Olympians. You can also hike specifically designated Nordic walking routes, such as the one to the Klausberg valley station, which leads up to approximately 1,050 m.

Adventure experiences

Do you want thrills and excitement? No problem! To start your adventure holiday, you can try the zipline at Klausberg, where you can rush from the Kristallalm to the bottom of the alpine pasture. Right next door, high-speed summer tobogganing fun awaits you at the Klausberg Flitzeralpine coaster. In Sand in Taufers, the waterfall fly-line offers an exciting natural experience. And if you want to go even higher, there are opportunities for tandem paragliding at Kronplatz.

Skiing & snowboarding

The fantastic mountain panorama is best enjoyed with hearty South Tyrolean delicacies. Four ski areas in the Ahrntal and all sorts of variety are available: the two large ski areas, Speikboden and Klausberg, as well as two smaller family ski areas inWeißenbach and Rein in Taufers.

Ski touring

More than 84 three-thousand-metre peaks around the Ahrntal promise superlative touring experiences. The selection of routes is massive, so there is something for everyone. Beginners will gain valuable experience on more manageable tours such as those to LenkjöchlhĂŒtte or Merbjoch. Seasoned ski tourists will be drawn to higher altitudes. This usually involves a considerable amount of altitude gain – and the correspondingly spectacular descent, such as from the Keilbachspitze, the Große Löffler, or the Schwarzenstein.

Snowshoeing & winter hiking

Whether it’s a cheerful walk in the winter sun or an ambitious snowshoe tour, in the Ahrntal, you will get your money’s worth even without skis on your feet. On the valley bottom and around the holiday villages, you can take relaxed laps in the snow, well wrapped up. With snowshoes, you can also venture forth into higher altitudes. Well-trodden snowshoe routes lie beside many other possibilities, such as the tour to Speikboden, Klammljoch near Rein in Taufers, and the Kofleralm.

Cross-country skiing

Immerse yourself in the wintry, snow-covered natural surroundings and find yourself in an athletic way. Because cross-country skiing isn’t just a sport with a holistic training effect, but also a philosophy. Away from the hustle and bustle of the slopes, you glide meditatively over the seemingly endless blanket of snow and find inner relaxation despite powerful movements. There are well-groomed high-altitude trails with guaranteed snow in Weißenbach, at the end of the valley from Kasern, from MĂŒhlwald to Lappach, and of course around the biathlon training centre in Rein in Taufers.

Tobogganing fun

A fun toboggan ride is part of every holiday in the Ahrntal mountains. It’s always great fun, especially for children, to whiz down into the valley on a sled. In our ski area and at many alpine huts in the Ahrntal, there are fabulous natural toboggan runs: the run from Speikboden to Weißenbach is over 8 km long, while the route at Klausberg is at least 5 km. Brightly lit night tobogganing is also possible here.

Exciting explorations

Up close and personal with the Ahrntal mountain world